Seminars in Designing Aluminum Structures




Aluminum structural design isnít taught in engineering school, so structural engineers have to learn it on their own.Not any more!This 1 Ĺ day seminar is intended to bring you up to speed in aluminum so you can design with it as confidently as you would in steel or concrete.


Since most engineers arenít sure what aluminum alloys and products are available, how theyíre specified, or what their properties are, this course begins with getting you familiar with aluminum.Then we address how to design aluminum structural members and connections.


The seminar covers the types of structures aluminum is best suited for, aluminum product forms, the Aluminum Associationís alloy and temper designation systems, the mechanical properties of aluminum, protecting against corrosion, tension members, local buckling, columns, beams, fatigue, welded, bolted, and screwed connections, and the effect of welding on member strength.Sample design problems are worked using the US standard for aluminum structural design, the Specification for Aluminum Structures published by the Aluminum Association.


By the seminarís end, youíll have demonstrated proficiency in aluminum structural design and 1.1 continuing education credits (CEUís) to show for it.


To Register: Call ASCE at 800-548-2723 or 703-295-6300 or email


2003 Seminar Schedule





March 27-28

Charleston, SC

Charleston Riverview Hotel

April 10-11

Seattle, WA

To Be Announced

June 12-13

Syracuse, NY

To Be Announced

September 18-19

Denver, CO

To Be Announced



Course Outline





Randy Kissell, P.E., is a senior partner of the TGB Partnership, an engineering firm specializing in aluminum structures, and has been involved in the design, fabrication, and erection of aluminum structures since 1978.He co-authored Aluminum Structures - A Guide to Their Specifications and Design, published by John Wiley and now in its 2nd edition, and co-holds two US patents, including one for an aluminum bridge deck.Structures he has designed have been featured in Civil Engineering and Engineering News-Record and at ASCE Structures Congresses; he recently consulted in the renovation of the aluminum conservatory for the US Botanic Garden in Washington.Randy has been registered as a professional engineer in over 20 states, including those with special requirements such as California and Alaska.


Mr. Kissell is the secretary of the Engineering Advisory Committee of the Aluminum Association, responsible for the Specification for Aluminum Structures, used throughout the US for aluminum structural design.He is also chairman of the ASME B96 Committee for Welded Aluminum Alloy Storage Tanks, secretary of the American Welding Societyís Subcommittee on Aluminum Structures, and a member of the ASTM Light Metal Alloys committee, the American Society of Civil Engineers Load Standards Committee, and the American Petroleum Instituteís Pressure Vessel and Tank committee.